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We transitioned to a festival theatre in 2019 and have been archiving all of our festivals as part of recording the venues legacy. This includes media, reviews, programmes etc

The Festivals

Each of our festivals are unique and will include a variety of events such as performances, workshops, talks, films, craft and social activities. We aim to select festival themes that serve public need and encourage wellbeing and helps build thriving communities.

How long is a festival?

Our festivals normally run across 1-2 weeks but the social impacts aim to be endless.

Is it free?

Whilst some elements of a festival may have a cost we aim to keep the majority of all our festivals free or pay what you decide.

Do I need a ticket?

Yes, even for free events we have to manage capacity so please reserve a space!

Get Involved!

All our festivals are heavily community lead so register as a volunteer if you want to get even more involved.

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